What Happens When You Ignore A Pisces Man?

A pisces man sitting at a table but is getting ignored.

Should You Ignore a Pisces Man to Make Him Chase You?

Have you ever considered the age-old tactic of playing hard to get, but in the context of a Pisces man? This comprehensive guide will explore this strategy’s emotional and astrological implications, offering you a celestial guide to love and relationships.

Ignoring a Pisces Man – What Happens When You Ignore a Pisces Man?

Play on His Emotions

Pisces men are emotional creatures influenced by the planet Neptune. Ignoring him could stir a whirlpool of emotions, potentially making him more intrigued by you. However, it’s a delicate balance; playing with emotions can be a risky game. If you’re wondering what else might intrigue him, find out what a Pisces man finds physically attractive.

Remind Him What He Is Missing

While giving him the silent treatment, remind him of the good times you’ve shared. Whether it’s a shared joke or a memorable date, these reminders can reignite his interest in you.

How Can You Tell If a Pisces Man Is Still in Love with You? (Even When You Are Ignoring Him)

Pisces men have unique ways of showing love, even when you’re ignoring them. Look for signs like lingering eye contact or subtle gestures that indicate he’s still emotionally invested.

Will a Pisces Man Come Back If I Ignore Him?

Ignoring a Pisces man can be a double-edged sword. While it may pique his interest initially, there’s also a risk of pushing him away for good. The key is to strike a balance. For comparison, you might be interested in knowing how long an Aries man will ignore you.

Is It Possible to Ignore Pisces?

Ignoring a Pisces man is possible, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Given their emotional and intuitive nature, they’re likely to sense something is amiss, making ignoring them a complex strategy.

The True Consequences When You Ignore a Pisces Man

Ignoring a Pisces man can lead to various outcomes, from reigniting his interest to causing emotional harm. Understanding these consequences is crucial for making an informed decision.

If You Listen to Dating Coaches, You Can Lose Your Pisces Man Forever

While dating coaches may advocate the “ignore him to get his attention” strategy, it’s essential to consider the unique traits of a Pisces man. What works for one sign may not work for another.

Ignore Him First

If you decide to go down this path, make sure you’re the one to initiate the ignoring phase. This puts you in control, allowing you to gauge his reactions more effectively.

Tempt Him in Subtle Ways

While ignoring him, drop subtle hints that you’re still interested. This could be through social media posts or mutual friends. The idea is to keep him guessing and intrigued.

Drop Hints

Hints can come in various forms, from a casual text to a strategically timed encounter. These hints keep the emotional connection alive, even in your absence.

Give Him Time to React

After implementing this strategy, give him time to react. Pisces men need space to process their emotions; rushing them can backfire.


Ignoring a Pisces man is a strategy with potential rewards and risks. While it may ignite his curiosity and emotional investment, it could also lead to unintended emotional distress. The key lies in understanding a Pisces man’s unique emotional and astrological nuances and acting accordingly. To delve deeper into the spiritual aspects of Pisces, discover what Tarot card represents Pisces.

Remember, each Pisces man is a universe unto himself, influenced by his sun sign and other planetary aspects like Neptune. Before you decide to employ the ‘ignoring’ strategy, take time to understand the full astrological profile of your Pisces man. It could distinguish between a star-crossed love story and a cosmic misadventure.


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