Corrections Policy

At, we strive to navigate the celestial realms with accuracy and integrity. However, in the vast expanse of astrological interpretation, we acknowledge that errors can occur. Our Corrections Policy is our commitment to rectifying such instances with transparency and diligence.

Identification of Errors

  • Reader Reports: We encourage our readers to report any discrepancies or errors they encounter in our content.
  • Internal Review: Our team conducts regular audits of our content to ensure accuracy and current astrological standards.

Assessment and Verification

  • Expert Review: Upon identifying a potential error, our astrological experts assess the content to verify the accuracy of the reported issue.
  • Fact-Checking: We cross-reference the questionable content with reliable astrological databases and texts to ascertain the need for a correction.

Correction Procedures

  • Timeliness: Once an error is confirmed, we act swiftly to correct it, ensuring that the updated information is made available as soon as possible.
  • Visibility: Corrections are made directly within the content, with a clear note indicating the change and the date it was made.
  • Retractions: In the rare event that a piece of content is fundamentally flawed, a retraction will be issued, and the content will be removed or rewritten as necessary.

Notification of Corrections

  • Direct Notification: Subscribers and users who have engaged with the content will be notified of significant corrections via email or a direct message on the platform.
  • Public Announcement: A public announcement may be made for substantial corrections that affect the interpretation of astrological data or personal horoscopes.

Record of Changes

  • Corrections Log: A log of all corrections is maintained and made accessible to our readers, providing a transparent record of our commitment to accuracy.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for all content published and the subsequent corrections, ensuring our readers can trust the integrity of our platform.

Continuous Learning

  • Editorial Training: Our team engages in ongoing training to minimize errors and stay updated with the latest astrological research and practices.
  • Feedback Loop: We incorporate lessons learned from past errors into our editorial process, continually improving our accuracy and reliability.

A Message from Owen Rechkemmer

As the guiding light behind, I take the accuracy of our astrological content to heart. I am personally involved in overseeing our correction procedures, ensuring that any misalignment with the stars is addressed with the utmost respect for the truth and our readers’ trust.

This Corrections Policy is crafted to uphold the highest standards of astrological reporting and to maintain the trust you place in Should you have any suggestions or require further clarification on our policy, please reach out.